9 Tips on How to Effectively use Twitter


1. Increased user engagement

The key to twitter is to increase online engagement with industry professionals and potential consumers. You can do this be replying back to twitter followers and members, retweeting follower’s tweets or responses and by favoring tweets.

It’s all about:

  • @replies
  • RT
  • Favorites

2. Create a list of keywords and include them in your tweets

By creating a list of keywords you can not only just use them in your tweets but they are also handy for blog posts as well! Rather than trying to generate keywords on the top of your head you can use a cheat sheet as a guide to optimizing your tweets and attracting new followers.

3. Share links to valuable content

According to Bufferapp, link click through accounts for 92% of all user interaction. That being said it is very important that your links lead to content that give your followers value. Value is what’s going to keep them longer on your site and bring them back next time.

4. Watch for conversations online

Through hashtags you can check out your target market and discover a group of consumers expressing their problems. This is an opportunity for you to suggest ideas on how to solve their issue. You can also refer your product but only AFTER you help them out and if it will actually help them. However, Twitter is more used as a landscape where marketers remain social. It is through a marketer’s click through link in their tweet is how they really pull in the customer. Remaining authentic, genuine and helpful is how you gain real followers and potential customers.

Example of Hashtags:

  • #carissues
  • #carproblems
  • #firstcar
  • #diycarrepair

5. Make your account a resource for followers

You will increase your audience if your twitter page is a hub of quality information. Keep up to date on the latest trends going on within your industry and share it. A great idea is to create lists on popular subjects or top people to follow within the industry.

6. Share relevant info from other trusted sources

Not only does this attract more followers but it also gives your profile credibility and makes it a reliable source to follow.

7. Share links back to your site for list building

This is a great way to build your email list. As said in Tip #3 – 92% of user activity accounts for clicking on links. It’s great to link information to valuable content of others but it’s also great to build a list of email or blog subscribers from people who read your original content. Odds are the more valuable the content the more likely consumers will opt-in with their email and buy your product!!

8. Encourage people to visit your blog or website

When tweeting marketers usually provide a link to an article, ebook, whitepaper, etc. It should be something of value that encourages your follower to click on the link. If you are offering an ebook or whitepaper it is again the perfect opportunity to build your email list. Before downloading the material the potential customer is asked to submit their email in order to download or access it.

Helpful Tip: Marketers use the 80/20 rule. 80% value and 20% product or service promotion.

9. Check out relevant hashtags

By exploring hashtags associated with your industry and target market you give yourself the opportunity to expand and reach out to a broader audience. It is also an opportunity to engage with users and start a conversation. This allows you to showcase yourself or the company’s expertise.

Examples of Hashtags:

  • #socialmediaplanning
  • #socialmediamarketing
  • #socialmediastrategy
  • #socialmediaproblems
  • #integratingsocialmedia

With these 9 tips you can take your current social media standing to a whole different level! Do you know other useful tips others can use to successfully utilize their twitter account? If so please comment below!


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