Getting Awesome Followers on Twitter

Who is your target Market?

I think the first and most important question before you start following people is to clarify who you target market is. I usually know who my target market is before hand because I’ll have created a full social media strategy. (I highly advise it!) I read once from Brian Tracy that every minute of planning saves you 10 minutes in doing.


But for the sake of this article you can figure this out by asking yourself these questions:

  • Where does the client or consumer look for the info/product?
  • What are their goals?
  • What are the preferred industry publications or sites associated with the product or business?
  • What are the issues that consumer or clients are faced with?

When starting off I find the easiest way to answer these questions is to pretend that you are a consumer or client yourself. This process obviously includes a little research but it will totally pay off! Think about it. All if your posts are going to be targeted towards followers who actually want the service or products you’re offering. By doing this you will save yourself a lot of time and you’ll begin to see some actual interest from your followers.

Now that you are more clear on who your target market is your ready to start following people! Woot! 


I took the info from under the section in my social media plan ‘What are the preferred industry publications or sites associated with the product or business?’ and input the info into the twitter search bar. I searched and followed all publications, sites and popular profiles that had a twitter page associated with the target market. If you’d like you can follow any related personal profiles as well but I will be discussing that in another article. This is just to get you started!

Next I typed in keywords used within my industry and the consumer’s industry in regards to the info/product and follow popular and interesting profiles generated from the results. 


My Businesses’ Industry

  • Social Media
  • Social Media News
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Marketing

My Consumer’s Industry

  • Entrepreneur
  • Small Businesses
  • Small Business Owner
  • Start Ups

 After doing this you should have a pretty targeted list of followers of businesses or leaders within your industry and your consumers industry. You may also want to follow twitter pages that host conferences or events within you consumers industry as well!

Helpful Tip: If you’re a small business it really helps to follow local twitter pages associated with your target market. When typing in keywords into the search bar you can put your city name as well in front of the keywords. i.e. New York City Social Media

Alright folks you’ve just conquered the basics!!!


Target your followers and you’ll gain quality twitter followers!

If you know any other basic techniques to following people or businesses and gaining organic twitter followers comment below as we would like to hear them!


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